Parent and Student Education


  1. Review the Instructions below on how to conduct sessions.
  2. Review the training videos.
  3. Schedule pre-season or informative meeting.
  4. Promote the meeting.
    • Use any existing parent and student communication vehicles, such as a daily school email, in-school news program, bulletin boards, etc.
    • You can also send each family a Parent Notification Letter. See sample under Additional Materials at right.
  5. Make copies of the handouts at right.
  6. If you are including CPR and AED training, have CPR manikins and an AED trainer available. If your school does not have manikins or an AED trainer available, contact your local EMS to provide devices and training.
  7. Arrange for needed technology (projector, computer, speakers).


  1. Provide handouts to participants.
  2. Play the the Parent/Student Education video.
  3. When appropriate, review the following:

    Health Questionnaire (if required by your state)
    • Review the importance of using this information as a way to screen students for cardiac abnormalities and other health concerns.
    • Remind parents that if they answer "yes" to any of the questions on the form, a follow-up appointment should be made with the student's physician.

    Response Protocol
    • Discuss the proper response to a life-threatening emergency: Call 911, start CPR, retrieve AED.

    Locations of AEDs on School Campus
    • Review current locations of AEDs on your school's campus.

    Compression-Only CPR Training
    • Allow each participant to practice on the manikin.