Program Implementation: Getting Started


Who is Responsible?

The Athletic or Activities Administrator must oversee and coordinate Anyone Can Save A Life for after-school programs. However, he or she may want to enlist the help of a Program Champion to oversee training and implementation of the program. This person could be the school athletic trainer, school nurse, a coach or community member who knows the inner-workings of the athletic and activities program.

Athletic Administrator Implementation Checklist

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  1. Review the in-person training DVD and online training at
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  1. Choose the training method you will utilize in your school community (Option 1 or Option 2)

    OPTION 1

    Conduct In-Person Training (DVD)
    Utilize the EAP on Page 10 – Provide a hard copy of the EAP prior to the training and COLLECT the completed EAP

    OPTION 2

    Conduct Online Training (
    The EAP will be generated electronically – The final step when the coach completes the EAP will be inputting the ADs email address. The completed EAP will be sent electronically to the AD and the Coach

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  1. Train Coaches
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  1. Ensure Coaches turn in their completed EAP
    1. In-Person Training — Collect the hard copy of the EAP
    2. online Training — EAP will be sent via email to the AD and Coach
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  1. Provide CPR and AED Training
    1. Contact local EMS if assistance is needed, or
    2. Utilize the Anyone Can Save A Life Training DVD
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  1. Ensure you have access to at least one AED and that it is located in a central location close to your event and practice sites
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  1. Complete the EAP for Events
    1. Talk through each site specific plan with your Event Staff