CPR Training

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training is invaluable for events and practices as it empowers individuals with life-saving skills. In the event of a cardiac emergency, immediate and effective CPR can sustain blood circulation and oxygen supply, significantly increasing the chances of survival until professional help arrives. Integrating CPR training into events and practices ensures a prepared and responsive community, fostering a safer environment where individuals are equipped to take prompt action during critical situations.

Numerous resources are available for CPR training, ranging from online courses and interactive simulations to in-person classes provided by organizations like the American Heart Association or the Red Cross.  These resources offer comprehensive instruction on the proper techniques for performing CPR, ensuring individuals are equipped to respond effectively in emergencies and potentially save lives.

Each school and district should determine the level of training and requirements to provide within your state or district.



American Heart Association: Hands-Only CPR: Female

Video Length 2:07

American Heart Association: Hands-Only CPR: Male

Video Length 1:34

Project Adam: Hands-Only Adult CPR

Video Length 1:08