Getting Started

There are two ways to implement Anyone Can Save A Life:

Top-Down Approach

State high school athletic associations coordinate and support the implementation at every member high school in their state by:

  • Introducing the program to schools.
  • Determining how schools will be held accountable for implementation.
  • Providing training to school administrators on implementation strategies.
  • Creating a public awareness campaign to inform schools and the public about Anyone Can Save A Life and how this program brings real change to your school communities.

Bottom-Up Approach

Individual school communities implement the program at the local level.

Either way, the program at each school should include these three steps:

  1. Train coaches and advisors – either in person or online
  2. Train event staff
  3. Educate parents and students

For additional information on how to get started in your state, contact Jody Redman at the Minnesota State High School League at