The Minnesota State High School League and Medtronic Foundation created Anyone Can Save A Life in 2008 to serve the students, coaches and communities of Minnesota’s 500 member high schools. Anyone Can Save A Life trains coaches and advisors on how to create an emergency action plan. One coach cannot provide a coordinated response alone. The program enlists and empowers students to be a part of the response when an emergency happens.

In 2011, the Minnesota State High School League implemented a continuing education policy that requires every coach at every level to complete the Anyone Can Save A Life Elearning module. Since that time, over 21,000 Minnesota coaches have completed the Anyone Can Save A Life Emergency planning module.

In 2012, the 2.0 version of Anyone Can Save A Life was created with a more focused approach to emergency planning and now provides an easy electronic question and answer session that when completed, creates a sport, level and site specific emergency action plan.

The Minnesota State High School League continues to provide support to its 500 member high schools, and to other state high school associations who wish to implement Anyone Can Save A Life. This program provides a coordinated response to every emergency and it does save lives.

The Anyone Can Save A Life Program was developed with input from the following resources:

Medical Emergency Action Plans (Including AED Programs for Schools):

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  • Project ADAM
  • Project S.A.V.E.
  • S.H.O.C. (Saving Hearts in Our Communities) A program of Carver County, MN
  • Wayzata High School Emergency Action Plan

Other SCA Programs and Resources: