Option 1

In-Person Coach/Advisor Training

Training Preparation

  1. Review Training DVD located on the back cover
  2. Schedule the training
  3. Make copies of the following handouts included within this tabbed section
    • Emergency Action Plan Worksheet
    • Sudden Cardiac Arrest Facts
    • Symptoms and Risk Factors for Sudden Cardiac Arrest
    • Directions
  4. If you are including CPR and AED Training, have CPR manikins and an AED trainer available
    • If your school does not have CPR manikins or an AED trainer available, contact your local EMS to provide devices and training
Refer to the statute in your state to determine the level of CPR/AED training needed


  1. Provide handouts to participants
  2. Play the Training DVD
  3. When prompted by the DVD, instruct the Coaches and Advisors to complete the following segments of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Worksheet:
    1. Emergency Contacts
    2. Nearest AED to your practice and event venues
    3. EMS Access Point for practice and event venues
    4. Cross Street Intersection for practice and event venues
  4. Instruct the Coaches and Advisors to complete the following with their team or group:
    • Discuss the importance of each student's role on the Student Response team and how it works
    • Assign students to each role: 911 Call Team, CPR/AED Team, AED Retrieval Team
    • Use the worksheet as the guide to assign roles, discuss responsibilities and relevant information
    • Return the completed EAP Worksheet to the Athletic/Activities Administrator. Retain a copy to keep on hand throughout the season
  5. Follow up with Coaches and Advisors to collect their completed EAP Worksheet
    • Make a copy for file, return original to Coach/Advisor